This is how the fees stack up.

One Time Map Creation Fee

- This fee only applies for the first time you set up an event with us for your venue and it involves the setup of the interactive image map. Afterwards you can use the same map over and over with no additional fees.
- You have to provide us with an image of the floor-plan and where the seats are located (dimensions and coloring will be provided).
- Once the file is uploaded to our system we have to assign a number to each seat (this is the time consuming part).
- As each map can be different in terms of complexities, the pricing can vary. Just to give you a rough estimate:
- The first 100 seats = $150 flat fee & every seat over 100 = $0.09 per seat.
- If you do not require a seat map for your event this fee does not apply.

Booking Fee - 1.5%

- The booking fee is what we charge for every transaction.
- Example: Ticket price = $20.00. => $20.00 * 1.5% = $0.30. Total ticket price = $20.30

Paypal Fees

- These can vary based on volume, but typically they are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
- Example: Ticket price (including our fee) = $20.30. Paypal fees = $0.92. Total ticket price = $21.22

Off-line processing fees - 1.5%

- Payment methods such as Interac Email Transfer or Cash require off-line processing. This means that when someone makes a booking and select one of the off-line methods of payment, we hold the seats for a period of time (typically 24 hours) for the buyer to make the payment. Once the payment is made we have to reconcile back to the booking, identify the transaction as paid and send the ticket. Otherwise if the time limit passes, the booking is canceled, making the seats available for someone else.

- Example: Ticket price (including our fee) = $20.30. Offline processing fees = $0.30. Total ticket price = $20.60

- The cash payment method involves a bit of work and proper timing on your side. First you have to collect the payment and then let us know that the payment has been made so that we can mark the transaction as complete. Failure to inform us of the payment received will result in the deletion of that transaction if the time has expired on the timing window. This could result in major complications, as the seats that were paid already but not confirmed might be selected by someone else.

Funds Transfer Fees

- These are the funds that we transfer to you the event organizer. The fee is dependent on the method of transfer (Interac Email Transfer, Wire Transfer, Bank Draft or Paypal). As this can vary, we will provide you with an exact amount, but you should budget accordingly.

Important Information

- As stated in our Terms of Use, we do not process refunds. Since all revenue from the ticket sales less our fees will be transfered to the event organizer, the refunds will be processed by the event organizer. Should you require our assistance in processing the refunds, we can help with that as well.
- Also, all fees applicable to the ticket sale are non-refundable.