Step by step instructions regarding our services.

Event Setup

- The first step is to discuss with you and present the functionality and capabilities of our system if this is not clear from the information contained on our site.
- Next, we gather all required information from you regarding the event. This includes ticket pricing and the different types of tickets, floor plan of the event venue, pictures for the event, max number of attendants, methods of payment, selling policies and any other information required for the event setup.
- We discuss with you the fees structure and together decide what is the best option for you.
- Once all information is complete we proceed to create the event on our system and provide you with a link to direct people to your event.

Event Maintenance

- Now that the event is live, your guests can start booking their seats and buy the tickets.
- We monitor the activity for the event and provide you with timely reporting so that you can plan accordingly.
- Depending whether you chose an off-line method of payment such as Interac Email Transfer, we process those transactions for you as we receive them.
- Based on our experiences from past events we may recommend strategies that will help you sell your tickets in an efficient manner.

Event Reconciliation

- This is the fun part where you as the event organizer receive the proceeds from the ticket sales.
- Funds will be transferred into your account via an Interac Email Transfer if your bank accepts it, through Paypal or a wire transfer as it was agreed initially.
- The frequency of the payments will also be based on an agreed upon time frame.